Textverified Alternatives – Nonvoipusapp.com & 6 more

Textverified Alternatives – Nonvoipusapp.com & 6 more

Exploring Alternatives to Textverified.com for Online Verification

What is actually Textverified.com?

In the digital age, online verification has become an essential aspect of various online activities, from signing up for new services to protecting user accounts.

TextVerified.com is a website that offers services related to non-VoIP phone number verification. It allows businesses and individuals to verify phone numbers for various purposes, such as identity verification, fraud prevention, and user authentication. The service typically involves bypassing the verification code via SMS to the provided phone number. Users then enter this code on the website to confirm the ownership of the phone number.

While Textverified.com has been a popular choice for such verification services, there are several alternatives available that offer similar functionalities.

In this article, we’ll delve into some noteworthy alternatives to Textverified.com that you might consider for your verification needs.

7 Best Textverified Alternatives

7 best textverified alternatives


Nonvoipusapp is the best alternative to Textverified right now. The reason you will find this service as best is because of the pricing plans. After getting so much popularity Textverified has increased its price rates, whereas Nonvoipusapp starts its price from $0.35 and most of the users are using the same rates from the beginning till now. Another reason to switch from Textverifed to Nonvoipusapp is customer support. Due to high customer demand, Textverified.com is unable to provide quick responses to their customers whereas Nonvoipusapp.com is dedicated to their customer inquiries. Sign up free and try now.


Twilio is a widely recognized cloud communications platform that provides a suite of APIs for developers to integrate various communication functionalities into their applications. Among its offerings, Twilio also provides SMS and phone number verification services, making it a robust alternative to Textverified.com. With Twilio, developers can easily implement two-factor authentication and phone number verification features to enhance the security of their applications.

Nexmo (Vonage)

Nexmo, now part of the Vonage brand, is another reputable choice for SMS and phone verification services. It offers APIs that allow businesses to verify users’ phone numbers and send time-sensitive notifications securely. Nexmo’s reliable infrastructure and global coverage make it a viable alternative for businesses looking to implement verification solutions.


Plivo is a communication platform that offers SMS and voice services for businesses. It provides APIs that enable developers to integrate phone number verification and two-factor authentication seamlessly into their applications. Plivo’s user-friendly interface and scalable solutions make it a compelling alternative to Textverified.com.


Sinch offers a comprehensive communication platform that includes SMS, voice, and video functionalities. It provides powerful APIs for businesses to implement verification processes, ensuring secure and reliable user interactions. Sinch’s focus on delivering high-quality communication experiences makes it a strong contender for businesses seeking Textverified.com alternatives.


Bandwidth offers a range of communication APIs, including SMS and voice services. With its verification APIs, businesses can implement phone number verification and two-factor authentication with ease. Bandwidth’s emphasis on delivering excellent call quality and messaging reliability positions it as a reliable alternative for online verification needs.

Firebase Authentication

Firebase Authentication, a part of Google’s Firebase platform, provides a comprehensive suite of authentication services, including phone number verification. It allows developers to add seamless authentication and verification processes to their applications, enhancing both security and user experience. Firebase’s integration with other Google services can be advantageous for those already utilizing Google’s ecosystem.

Final Words

In conclusion, while Textverified.com has been a prominent choice for online verification services, there are several noteworthy alternatives available that cater to businesses’ and developers’ needs.

From Twilio’s developer-friendly APIs to Firebase Authentication’s seamless integration with Google services, each alternative brings its unique strengths to the table.

When selecting an alternative, it’s important to consider factors such as pricing, features, scalability, and ease of integration to ensure that it aligns with your specific requirements.

By exploring these alternatives, businesses can make informed decisions to enhance their online verification processes.

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