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We provide both, Short-term temporary phone numbers ( 15 minutes validity) and Long-term rental numbers (30 days validity). With our MDN rental option, It is now possible to rent long-term numbers for as short as 3 days for a fraction of the price of normal 30-day rentals.

Choose as per your requirements and text verification process.

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$100Deposit at once
$100Deposit at once
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  • Verify Single Website
  • One Time Use
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$500Deposit at once
$500Deposit at once
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$1,000Deposit at once
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Pricing & Plans

Protect Your Privacy using Non-VoIP numbers

You can avoid being tracked and getting spam advertising when you use a non-VOIP number. When you have a non-fixed mobile number, you can avoid revealing your true identity.

Local USA and UK numbers

The verification number you are receiving is a local one in the United States. You can find all sorts of Non-VoIP US and UK-based cell phone companies including T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon right here.

For services that don’t work with virtual phone numbers, we offer a verification assurance. Use our phone numbers on any platform, be it Swagbucks, Moneylion, WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram, etc

Multiple Verification

If you require more than one number, we are available to assist you.

Here you can order multiple temporary numbers immediately to simplify your survey, bank, or software verifications.

Long Rental Facility

You can join our program to rent a phone number every month.

We’ll give you phone numbers that will work for the next month, and you can verify SMS, Text or Audio as much as you want. 


The validity of an STR (Short Term Rental) Number is 15 minutes.

You may rent long-term rental number for a minimum of 3 days. If you want your number to work for 30 days, you need to use the LTR (Long Term Rental) program.


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Frequently asked questions

Which site I can verify with your Non-VoIP numbers?

  • You can use our number for all kinds of services that send SMS or codes to verify your account. This can be used to check any online service in the USA and UK. You can use it as a Facebook, Open Phone verification, Chime bank, Cashapp, PayPal verification number, Yahoo, and Whatsapp. Our Non-Fixed US and UK Numbers can also be used for services like VARO bank verification, go2bank verification, Swagbucks, Instagram, Chase Bank, Dave bank, Craigslist verification, and even crypto verification and Many more sites that send codes to phone numbers.

    In Short, You will be able to verify SMS for significant banks, social media, any email networks, Classified sites, etc with our numbers.

Can I create a Google Voice (GV) account using Non-Voip Numbers?

  • Yes, You can. Google Voice needs fresh IP to create and verify.

CAN YOU Call Back / Text Back Non-VoIP Number?

  • You can not call or text back a non-fixed VoIP number.

Is each Non-VoIP number unique?

  • Yes, all of our phone numbers are new and have never been given to anyone else. You will never see on the website that this phone number has already been used.

Is the Non-VoIP Phone number free?

  • Actually, no, you have to pay a certain amount to get your own temporary non-VoIP number. You can even rent it for a longer time.
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